Home Auction Dashboard Pages

Vendor What is Your Home Auction Dashboard

  • You will need to login in on the Home screen.
  • At the top of the screen click on Auction Setup once you are logged in.

  • This is your Home Auction Dashboard. There are also sub instructions for each of these tabs.

  • The First Tab is called Auction Setup. This is where you set up the details of your auction.  You set up your Organizations name, addresses, phone numbers and the fine details of your auction.  You can edit, add and change this information very easily.  You can find out more of what you need to enter by looking at the Auction Setup Checklist.

  • The next tab is called Add Multiple Auctions, Dates and Times. This is an important step to set the dates when you want bidding to start and to set the dates when you want bidding to end.  It is very easy to set the dates and times by clicking in the field.  Remember to SAVE.


  • The next tab is called Add, Edit, View Your Products. This is where you can add one product at a time by clicking on the Add button or Edit, View, Duplicate or Delete a Product.

  • The next tab is called Add Multiple Products. This screen will allow you to enter multiple products on one screen.  Remember to Click SAVE.

  • The next tab is called Easy Add.  You can used your phone or tablet to take pictures and upload the information to your auction list.

  • The next tab is called Import/Export Products. You can import a CSV sheet full of products to add them to your auction.  Later on you can export your total auction list in a Excel form to sort and edit.

  • The next tab is called Change Lot Order Number. You can drag and drop to rearrange the order number or you can enter a specific Lot Number into the box and click save and the product will go to its new order.

  • The next tab are your Bid Reports. There are unlimited amount of reports you can generate by downloading them to an Excel spreadsheet.

  • The next tab are Your Photos.  It will show you all of your photos.

  • The next tab is your Dashboard. It gives you a quick review the number and amount of Bids.

  • The next tab is Add a Bidder. You do not use this very often as you want the Bidders to register themselves through the Bidder Registration screens.
  • The next table is the Email Bidders screen. This is where you have many different email bidder possibilities.

  • The next tab is Invoices. You only need to Generate Invoices when your auction is total finished.


  • The next tab is your Print Product List tab. This is where you can create your own PDF or paper copies of your auction list.


Note:  There are lots of sub articles for each of these tabs.  Go to the Vendor list of articles to find out more information.