Optional Ways to Collect Money

How to Collect Money Options (Vendors Only)

You have three options as a vendor to collect the money from the highest bidders.

You need to register your auction and be logged in before following these steps.

  • On the Home Page you need to be logged in and then click on the top menu item called Auction Set up. This will take you to your Home Auction Dashboard.


Click on Auction Setup and you will go to the Home Auction Dashboard.

  • Click on the second tab on the left called Auction Setup.

  • Click on Money Collection Options

  • Payment Options

a) You may collect the money yourself.

b) You may collect money yourself by setting up a Stripe Payment plan.  Stripe is the leading online Credit Card Merchant.

c) You may hire SilentAuctionBiz.com to collect the money.  There will be a 3% to 3.5% Credit Card processing fee from Stripe.  There is also a 50 cent per Transaction Fee from SilentAuctionBiz.com

  • There is an option if you do not want your previously registered bidders to re-enter their credit card information. If checked, your previously registered bidders will not have to re-enter their credit card information to bid.