It is suggested that you should generate the invoices several minutes after the very last item is sold off of your screen.  Otherwise your bidders will be contacting you to see when their invoice is coming.  Many bidders buy several items and often do not remember what they won.  They also want to pick up their items as soon as possible.

You will click on the Auction Setup heading at the top of the screen, click on the Invoicing icon under Menu, select an auction and click on Generate Invoices.  This process could take several minutes depending on how many invoices you need to generate.  You will start to see invoices being generated on your screen.

You will receive two emails once the process is complete. The one email will have the Total Auction Sales Result report.  The other email will have an attachment or link to a file of all of the invoices.  At the bottom of your list of invoices will be one file of all invoices. You may open up this last file of all invoices to review or print all of your invoices.

You can also print or view the winning bidders list from the Invoicing screen.

The winning bidders can also find a copy of their invoice after they login.  The bidder would login, click on the Account heading at the top of the screen and click on Auction History.  They can also see the list of items they won by clicking on the Bid/Watch List heading.