How to Use Easy Add to Add Products

How to Use Easy Add to Add Products

Easy Add is a way to add Products with your phone or tablet.  It is a easy way to take pictures, add as much or as little description as you like and save the information to your auction.

You can also add pictures to existing products you may have already added.

  1. You will need to login and click on Auction Setup.
  2. Click on Easy Add under the Home Auction Dashboard.

3. The Easy Add screen lets you add as much or as little as you want.  You can always go to Auction Setup with your main computer to edit if necessary.

Auction In: Pick the auction where you want this product to be listed with or if you are Updating a Product.

Title: Enter the product name

Description: Enter the description of the product.  You may also enter the description when you are back at your main computer.

Photos: Click on Choose File and you will go to your camera on your phone or tablet.  Take as many pictures as you like.  Just remember to click on Add New Product at the bottom of the screen to save your information.

SKU (Optional): You can add a part number, unit number or other unique identification number.

Consignor Code (Optional): This can be used for consignment sales to identify your consignors.

Product Condition (Optional): You may code the product as New, Used or Unused.

Starting Price (Optional): Enter a price if you want the product to start at a higher price than $1.

Location (Optional):You may enter a location if that is important to locating the product.

Product Status (Optional) You may display the product or save it as a draft for future posting.

Click on Add New Product and your information will be saved to your auction.