How to Setup an Auction in Quick Wizard

How to Register for an Auction

  • Scroll down the left hand side of the Home page until you see the heading “Register to Host an Auction”. Click on Register Here and you will go to the following screen.

  • You are now on the Auction Setup Registration screen. Complete all the fields.

  • Remember your password.
  • You will then go to the Auction Setup screen. You have a choice to continue to set up your auction or to return to the main home page.


  • When you click on “Let’s Go” you will go to the screen called Auction Setup.
  1. You have the option to upload your organizations logo. You will click in the box to the right.  You will then click on Select Files. You will then go to your own computer files.  Locate your logo in your files and double click on your logo file to import it to the Media Library.  Click on your logo in the Media Library if there is not a blue box and check mark on it.  Then click on Select.  You will then be taken to your Auction Setup screen and see the logo in the box.
  2. The next box is the Import your own Banner Ad. This is your banner ad that will show on your own branded auction webpage. The Banner Ad should be in a jpeg type format.  You may want a picture of your business for example.
  3. You also have the option to create your own Banner Ad if that is what you would prefer to do.
  4. Fill in your information in the boxes.

  1. Fill in as much information in the Auction Description box as you like. This information will show on your own branded auction webpage.  Tell the audience about your organization.  Tell the audience why you are hosting the auctions.
  2. Fill in the information about HST, your website address and click in the checkbox that you agree to the seller’s terms. Remember to click Continue at the bottom of the screen.


  • You will then be taken to the Auction Proceeds screen. On this screen you will be given the choice on which method of payment you would like.

  1. The first option is where you collect all the money according to your terms and conditions.
  2. The second option is where we intergrate the Stripe credit card merchant so the money goes directly into your own bank account. It is very easy to set up a Stripe credit card merchand account.  They will want your name, address, password and your bank account information on where you will want the money deposited.  They will then give you a Public and Private key code to enter into these fields.
  3. The third option is where Silent Auction Biz collects the money for you. Silent Auction Biz will charge you the credit card processing free ranging from 3% to 3.5% plus a 50 cent per transaction fee.


  1. You can see the Public and Private Key fields for option 2.

  1. Click on Continue to go to the Details screen.


  • On the Auction Details screen you can enter your Buyer’s Premium if there is one. A Buyer’s Premium is a percentage that is added to the winning bidder’s amount at the end of the auction.  The Buyer’s Premium is used to cover the cost of your auction.

  1. The Hide the Buy Now Price checkbox is optional. The Buy Now price allows the bidder to buy the product right now.  You set the amount of the Buy Now price when you are setting up a Product.  Adding a check mark to this box means that the Buy Now price option disappears after the first bid is place.  You may also leave the Buy Now field blank in the Adding a Product Process.
  2. The Do you want to add a Suggested Value for each Product checkbox is optional. If you check it then you can enter a Suggest Value for a Product.  You can also check it but leave the field blank in the Add a Product process.  This will also not show a value.
  3. The Do you want to enter a SKU Value for each Product checkbox is optional. If you check it then you can enter a part number, lot number tag number or any number that will help you identify the Product.
  4. The Do you want to enter a location value for each product checkbox is optional. If you check it then you can enter any numeric and or alphabetic characters that may help you with the Products location.
  5. The Do you want to override……….. should be left blank.
  6. Click on Continue.
  • The Policy Setup tab is where you list your own auctions policies. These Policies are listed in every Bid Box plus on the winning Bidder’s invoice.  The Payment Policy is where you would list your auctions payment policies.  The Pick-up Policy is where you would list how, when and where the winner Bidders can pick up their Products.  The Other Policy text box is where you can mention your usual auction policies like viewing times, warranties on products and other comments you make about your auction.


  • The Customer Support field is where you would enter the contact information of the person that knows or knows how to find out about all the Products in your auction. There are many inquiry/questions buttons for Bidders to ask questions.  These inquiries will be coming to this person.  Click on Continue when you have your information entered.


  • The Search Engine Optimization screen is for you to enter key information about your auction so your auction is at the top of your Bidders search list. The more information you can enter the better the search engine results will be.  Click Continue when you have your information entered.

  • The Auction Social Media set up is for you to enter as much or as little as you want. There are many different options to fill in so you connect with your social media followers.  Click Continue when you have your information entered.

  • You have your Auction Set up.  You can make changes to everything you have entered by clicking on the tabs across the top or by going to your Home Auction Dashboard.  If you click on Start Adding Products, you will go to the Adding Products screen.  If you click on Let’s go to the Dashboard, you will go to the Home Auction Dashboard.  You can also go to the Add Products screen from the Home Auction Dashboard.

Please note that the Home Auction Dashboard will have the main screens for adding, changing and deleting information.