How to Archive Products

How to Archive Products (Vendors Only)

  • Login into the Silent Auction Website. On the Home page click on the top right hand menu called Auction Set up.


  • You will go to your Home Auction Dashboard.

  • Click on the tab called Add, Edit, View Your Products.

  • Go to the product you what to archive. On the right hand side of the product you will see five icons.  One for editing, one for viewing, one for archiving, one for trashing and the one for duplicating.  When you hover your mouse over the archiving icon it will show the message Archive Product.

  • Click on the Archive Product icon and you will receive the message “Are you sure you want to archive this Product”? Click OK and the product will go to the Archive file.

  • Near the top of the screen you will see a new line that shows: All (18) | Published (18) | Saved as Draft (0) | Archived (19). You may click on “Archive (19) to bring up your list of Archived products. (Please note that your numbers may vary)