How to Add Products

How to Add Products (Vendors Only)

  • Login in
  • At the top of the screen click on Auction Setup.

  • This will take you to your Home Auction Dashboard.

  • There are three different ways to add Products. You can add one at a time; Add Multiple Products at a time or you may Import all of your products on a CSV form that is on the site.
  • Click on the 4th tab on the left which is called Add, Edit, View your Products.
  • Click on the Add New button over on the right side of the page. You will then go to this screen


  • You can now enter the Products information.
  1. Pick your Auction if you have more than one listed
  2. Short Description: Enter a short description of your Product
  3. Description: Enter more information on your Product.
  4. Product Condition: Enter information about the product as in New, Used or Unused.
  5. Starting Price (Optional): You can leave this field blank and the bidding will start at $1. You can put the starting price at where ever you would like it to start.  If the Starting Price is too high then you may scare away bidders.
  6. Buy Now Price (Optional): In Auction Setup, you have the option of having the Buy Now Price disappear after the first bid is placed or you can have the Buy Now Price show right to the end of your auction.  The Buy Now Price will not show if you do not put an amount in it.
  7. Start Date or the Ending Date: You do not need to touch these dates. These dates are set under the Multiple Auctions tab.
  8. Buyer’s Premium: The Buyer’s Premium is set up in Auction Setup. You do not need to change it here.
  9. Donated By (Optional). You can enter the name of the person or organization that donated the product.  This is often used with fundraising auctions.
  10. Consignment Code: This field is used when you are having a consignment type auction and you want to track and group where the products came from. Enter in the consignor information using alpha and or numeric letters.  You may print a report at the end of the auction that will group each consignor products together.
  11. HST Exempt (Optional): Put a check mark in the box if this product is HST exempt. This mostly relates to farming equipment that is HST exempt.
  12. Product Value (Optional). Enter an amount in this field if you want your bidders to see what the value is for this product. You may leave the field blank and nothing will show on the bidding screen.
  13. SKU (Optional): This field is used for a part number, unit number, tag number, SKU number or any other identification number that relates to this product.
  14. Product Location (Optional): This optional field is used to enter in the Location of your product. You may leave it blank if not applicable.
  15. Product Videos: You will need to enter a proper You Tube/Vimeo URL It is easiest to play your video on You Tube or Vimeo and then copy the URL address and paste it here. The video will be in the first picture box on the product bid screen.
  16. Pictures: See the How to Add Pictures instructions.


Remember to click SAVE + SUBMIT or SAVE as Draft.  You can always Edit the product if you Save and Submit.  The product then shows with your Auction List.


  • Another way to add products is by clicking on the 5th tab called Add Multiple Products. This uses the very same fields and processes as above.   You are just adding more products to one screen before you need to SAVE.  Please remember to SAVE.  Your products will appear on your Auction List as soon as you click SAVE.


This is your Add Multiple Products screen.


  • Another way to add products is to click on the 6th tab called Import/Export Products. You will go to this screen.


This screen will allow you to download a sample CSV form called “Sample Import File”; you will then fill in this CSV Import File and import the list into the software.  All of your products will then show on your Auction List.  This CSV Import system is often used when you have longer lists of products to enter.

  • Another way to add products is with your phone or tablet through the Easy Add tab.  See the Support article on how to use Easy Ad.