How to Add Pictures to Your Product Screen

How to Add Pictures to the Product File (Vendors Only)

  • Login in
  • At the top of the screen click on Auction Setup.

  • This will take you to your Home Auction Dashboard.


  • There are several ways to add pictures to a product. You can add pictures through the Add New Product routine, through the Add Multiple Products routine or through the Edit Products routine.
  • Click on the 4th tab on the left which is called Add, Edit, View your Products and you will go to this screen to Add a product.

  •  Click on the ‘pencil’ icon and you will go to the Edit screen that has the same fields as your Add New product screen.

  • You can now enter a picture by clicking in the picture box under the “Add Pictures” description.

You will go to this screen.

  • Click on the Select Files box. You will then go to where you have your photo’s stored. You will need to have the photos stored on your device or have access to down load the photos from Dropbox or some other storage area.  You can also drag and drop your photos into this box.

  • Your photo will then be down loaded to the Media Library. Your picture should be check and even have a blue box around it.


  • Click on the Add Picture to Product button. The picture will then be downloaded to Product you were working on.
  • You can add multiple pictures to that Product file by clicking on one photo then holding down the Shift key and clicking on the ending range of photos for that product.  You can also hold down the CNTRL key and click on the pictures you want to download.
  • Your pictures will then appear on your product file. You may rearrange the order of your pictures by dragging them to put them in the proper order.  Please remember to SAVE your product file.