How to Add Multi Versions of the Same Product

How to Add Multi Versions of the Same Product

You will use this feature if you want to post one picture but list several different versions or sizes.  It can also be used to group many Lots of the same product.

You will need to login first.

Click on the Auction Setup heading at the top of the page.


You will go to the Home Auction Dashboard

You will then want to Add a Product through one of the several ways to add a product.  You may also read “How to Add Products” under the Support heading.

Click on the Add, Edit, View Your Product option where you will see the product you have listed.  Click on the Duplicate icon for the number of version you have.  Remember that you can use the first product set up as version one.  You may also read “How to Duplicate a Product” under the Support heading.

You will see the same picture and name of your product.  Click on Edit pencil icon to add the description of that version of the same product.

Click on the Product Groups option and you will Choose Your Auction.  You will then go to this screen.

Enter your Group Name for that specific version of Products. Choose a starting lot number by clicking on the first lot number.  You will see your products.  Choose an ending lot number by clicking on the last lot number.

Click on Add new Product Group and will see your grouped products.  You will be able to Edit, Remove or Add Products to Group.

Go to your View Your Auction Page to see your grouped Products.