How do I Know if I Won the Item

How Do I Know If I Won The Item

You have to be logged in, have the highest bid before time expires for that item,  in order to be eligible to have won that item.

You will usually receive an invoice from the vendor within 15 to 60 minutes after the last item is sold and is dropped off the screen.  Please check your Trash or Spam if you did not receive one.

You can tell if you won the item by going back to your item and click on Bids.  A drop down will appear showing the disguised name of the bidders.  The winning bidder’s disguised name will be at the top where it says “Highest Bidder Was ________.  If your name appears there then you won.

You can also go to your Bid/Watch list.  It will show the words You Won under the picture.

You can also go to the Account heading at the top of your screen and click on Auction History.  Your invoice will be listed there if the auction is totally over and the auctioneer has generated invoices at that point in time.