Email Bidders

Email Bidders

We often suggest that you email your bidders if your new auction has started to let them know about your current auction. You will not be able to do this if this is your first auction as you do not have a list of bidders yet.

You should also email your bidders a day before bidding ends to remind them that bidding will end tomorrow for example.

You will click on the Auction Setup heading at the top of the screen, click on Menu, click on Message Bidders and click on Email Bidders.


Subject: enter an motivating Subject Line that will encourage the email recipient to open your email.

Text Body: this is where you will enter your information about your email.


You can add these tags to your email and it will automatically add the bidders first name, your auction address and your company logo to the email. Example: ‘Hi [customer_name], The auction starts to end at 10 am on Saturday. Thank you. [auction_url] [auction_logo].

  • [customer_name]
  • [auction_logo]
  • [auction_url]

Check all three boxes for Email Users

Current Bidders: these are bidders that have bid in your current auction.

Past Bidders: these are bidders that have bid in your past auctions.

Silent Bidders: these are bidders that have registered in current or past auctions but have not bid yet.

Select your auction and click on the Send Email button.