Ending Auction Checklist

Auction Ending Checklist

You will want to review these items over the last few days before your auction is ending.

  • Check in Auction Set up that your Payment Option is correct.
  • Check your items to make sure the HST Exempt checkbox is checked or unchecked.
  • Review your Policies to make sure they are correct.  Your Policies will be printed on your invoice.
  • Review your Bid Reports.
  • Review your Consignor Report if you are selling consigned items.
  • Email your bidders to remind them when the auction will start to close; explain the closing time between Lots; ask them to bid often; invite them to use Maximum Bidding; explain what is Extended Bidding; explain when they will receive an invoice for their winnings and explain that their credit card may be charged depending on the method of payment you set up in Auction Setup.  See How to Email Bidders under the Support heading.
  • Click Yes if you want to send Auction Ending emails to your bidders.  This is found under your Home Auction Dashboard and then to Email Bidders.
  • Review How To Print Invoices After the Auction is Complete under the Support heading.