Thank-you for visiting this auction to benefit children with cancer. Cancer has affected children at an alarming rate worldwide. Research has shown that environment and sometimes the food can be a contributing factor. I became concern after getting information from various children cancer organizations that the Caribbean region did not have a children chapter that can bring information like treatments, where they can go aboard to get help or just being a support system for the children and their families. Because of limited resources this region has been neglected.

My goal is to open a chapter and partner with an international children cancer organization to aid in this section of the world. The fundraising efforts is to support that mission along with giving gifts to these children to let them know they have support in their life journey. I remember talking to one parent who travelled aboard for treatment for her son. She talked about the expenses and said I will do anything to save my child's life. Hearing those words made me committed to helping cancer children and their families.

Thanks for the small Canadian business for their support in this mission. Please support them also as we work together to fight childhood cancer.

If you would like to make a donation you can mail it to our Canadian address. Please contact for instructions.

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Sunday March 31, 5:00 pm EST

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