• The Shiny Company-London is an independent retail gift shop in White Oaks Mall in London Ontario. We specialize in gems, minerals and spiritual tools.

We have teamed up with fellow merchants in White Oaks Mall, as well as businesses and individuals in the area to offer a wide range of products and services to help support the Ukrainian families fleeing the war and settling in the London area. All funds raised will go towards helping  make the transition a smoother one for the families, whether it be spent on items to settle into a new apartment, basic toiletries or even airfare to get here.

Donations are still being accepted.  Please contact The Shiny Company or email theshinycompany@yahoo.ca

There will be an added 3% charge to all winning bids to offset the charges incurred by both credit card fees and the auction site, which in total amount to approximately 7% to maximize the donation made to the charity. We thank you for both your generosity and understanding for our desire to donate the maximum to this worthwhile cause.

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Sunday September 25, 10:06 pm EST

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