We are popping the tops on the ol' semen tank, and offering up some of the breeds most sought after genetics to date. A little bit of new blood, a little bit of old blood, a little frozen, and a little flush! Something for everyone. 

Gather with friends and family for a Canadian TANKS-Giving.

Our Alliance was formed in 2018 and has been dedicated to the successful promotion and marketing of Speckle Park cattle with a breed show at Manitoba Provincial Exhibition. In order to keep our show growing, we put our heads together to determine how to help offset some of the financial obstacles that come with organizing a successful event of this caliber. In the past costs had befallen to members of the Alliance, relying on our amazing sponsors and fellow breeders with an interest in the show and with it continuing to rise, we knew we needed to think big.

All items were donated by members of the Central Prairie Speckle Park Alliance and ALL Funds raised will be distributed at the discretion of the Alliance to cover costs associated with the show and future events such as Youth Showcase/Jackpots, Summer Showcase etc. If there is a specific aspect of the show you would like your funds to be distributed to, we will make it our top priority to allocate it accordingly.

All Sponsors are invited to view the Speckle Park Show at Manitoba Provincial Ag Ex Thursday October 28, 2021 1p.m. on LiveAuctions.tv. Our announcer will be expressing our gratitude for your generosity throughout the show day and broadcasted online. 

I hope that you will take this opportunity to help continue to promote Agriculture and Youth in the Speckle Park Community around the globe.

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