Lot 1 - Pit Boss Smoker

Winning Bid: $195.00

Lot 5 - Misc. Tools

Winning Bid: $29.00

Lot 6 - Misc. Tools

Winning Bid: $27.00

Lot 3 - Misc. Tools

Winning Bid: $21.00

Lot 7 - Misc. Tools

Winning Bid: $27.00

Lot 8 - Misc. Tools

Winning Bid: $25.00

Lot 11 - MIsc. Hoses

Starting Bid: $1.00

Lot 13 - Rigid Drills

Winning Bid: $3.00

Lot 9 - Misc. Tools

Winning Bid: $15.00

Lot 15 - Paint Guns

Winning Bid: $7.00

Lot 10 - Misc Tools

Winning Bid: $11.00

Lot 18 - Drills

Winning Bid: $13.00

Lot 23 - (3) PTO Arms

Winning Bid: $29.00

Lot 24 - Misc. Tools

Winning Bid: $17.00

Lot 25 - Electrical Lot

Winning Bid: $6.00

Lot 29 - Misc Doors - New

Winning Bid: $5.00

Lot 41 - Misc Tools

Winning Bid: $21.00

Lot 36 - (2) Air Nailers

Starting Bid: $1.00

Lot 45 - Tool Box

Winning Bid: $2.00

Lot 42 - Tool Box

Winning Bid: $111.00

Pickup Policy

Pickup is at the Farm located at 43195 Amberley Road, Wroxeter, ON

Pickup of items must be completed on Aug 10th or 11th from 9AM to 3PM or by making other arrangements. All items need to be removed by Aug 11th as building is being torn down. Any items that are attached to wall/ceiling etc is the responsibility of the buyer to remove. 

NO SUNDAY PICKUPS. Items must be paid for in full prior to pickup

Payment Policy

Payment must be made in full within 2 days after sale is completed unless other arrangements have been made. If you wish to pay at DJ's Furniture location please do so on Thursday Aug 10th 9AM to 3PM, otherwise payment can be made at Carson Auctions Office (5531 Perth Line 86, Listowel)
Payment can be made by Cheque, Cash, E-Transfer, Wire Transfer, Interac, Visa, Mastercard. There is a 3%
transaction fee on visa and mastercard purchases. All items purchased online will have a 6% Buyers Premium to
a maximum of $800.00 per item. HST will be charged and is additional to purchase price, buyers premium and
credit card transaction on all applicable items. *Etransfers can be sent to auction@davidcarson.on.ca   **PLEASE NOTE NEW ETRANSFER EMAIL ** Cheques can be made payable to David Carson Farms & Auction Services Ltd. 

Please note your credit card is not charged automatically when you purchase, you will need to get in contact with our office to make payment.

Other Policies

The auctioneers decision is final. If a dispute arises David Carson Farms & Auction Services Ltd. has the final say.  All items are sold AS IS, please make sure to view items prior to bidding. Once you bid you are accepting the item as is and is your responsibility.  

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